Music Videos

Leah Muir - HardBeat
7 Dec 2010
This piece for soprano, alto flute, bass flute and cello was commissioned by and premiered on Wien Modern 2009. Ensemble Platypus. Sopran: Kaoko Amano Alto Flüte: Sieglinde Größinger Bass Flüte: Esther Auch Cello: Tomasz Skweres Dirigent: Christoph Breidler HardBeat is a work composed from electrocardiograms which monitor areas of activity of the heart. Presented are 5 heart different EKGs, four from heart diseased hearts and one from a completely normal heart. The medical language that describes the EKG is part of the speaking and sung text heard in the work. Atrial Flutter: A 60 year old woman complaining of lethargy Acute Inferior Myocardial Infarction: A 55 year old man with 4 hours „crushing chest pain Beep! Atrial Bigeminy: each beat is followed by a premature beat Beep! Ventricular Tachycardia: A 60 year old man with hypertension A 45 year old lady with palpitions and a history of chronic renal failure