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Leah Muir: Just 34 for Extended Marimba and Vibraphone
30 Mar 2020
for Solo performer and Video or Two Performers or Video Installation Michael Weilacher, Mallets Just 34 deals with mallet instruments in a unique approach: to extend the Marimba and Vibraphone with their more primitive counterparts, plates of metal and pieces of slate. In this way the instruments are constantly mimicking and mirroring one another often to trick the ear into not being able to recognize the difference between the two. As often, when one is dealing with mirrors, or images that are artificial, or copies of the original, there is always ambivalence where the mind tries to decipher the artificial from the original. This is the field of vision where Just 34 lies: The marimba as a contrapositive to the vibraphone, the slate tiles a contrapositive to the vibraphone, the bell plates and vice versa. Fractal-like variations and repetitions give way to deeper hidden structures, the meaning remaining allusive, like when one is in a hall of mirrors with infinite reflections. But the