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Kotodama for Soprano Solo
11 Jan 2019
Written for Irene Kurka (Sopran) 2017 Text about Kotodama for Soprano Solo The prime belief behind the idea of kotodama, 'word-spirit' in Japanese, is that words have the power to create and are themselves alive with their own divine spirit, before they enter the world of human thoughts. I have combined two texts, a Hifumi Norito, which is a Japanese Shinto prayer, and a German version of Psalm 113. The syllables transform one another and create different associations but are neither the Norito nor the Psalm, because of this confluence. It exemplifies the power of the syllables to still invoke thought associations, but also the loss of semantic meaning due to the transformation of culture knowledge by another culture. These syllables strive toward an utterance which truly expresses a raw feeling without referencing a cultural pretext in which that feeling can be 'understood'. In this way, I try to capture the essence of Kotodama. Texts: Hal-le-lu-ja! Lo-bet, ihr Kne-chte des HE