Music Videos

17 Mar 2018
Irene Kurka, Soprano Michael Weilacher, Percussion Composition and Video, Leah Muir This work features a 5 min. solo percussion improvisation by Michael Weilacher three-quarters into the piece. Commissioned for the Lost Words Project with Installation from Chiharu Shiota Premiere am 6.October 2017 in the Stadtmuseum Nikolaikirche Berlin Program Note: The text in Lost Time is based on Psalm 113 and the Japanese Hifumi Norito, meant to invoke health and peace. The percussionist speaks this Norito and the Soprano “translates” the syllables and consonants into the Psalm text. With this transformation, it references what the Kirishitan, or Japanese Christians, might have had to have done to hide their beliefs under the guise of Buddhism or Shintoism. To this day, some Krishitan still feel compelled to hide their religious beliefs because this threat of persecution was so strong in Japanese culture.